CRISIS-02: The Raw Album

This is Season 02 of a 9+ season long music album project. Read about the journey in our initial mirror article Crisis (The Album) or on

S-00 Crisis (The Worthless Album) S-01 Crisis (The Valuable Album)

At the beginning of creating something, there is a fragile and delicate idea that no one, not even the creator, can say where it'll lead them. So having this moment captured in time and the possibility of returning to it is of great value to the creator.

"Releasing the demos for Crisis (The Album) means providing insight into a stage of the process where I didn't even think if these songs would ever see the light of day. It's the raw first steps that these songs took. First sketches where I felt in small nuances that something was moving. Releasing these demos now is scary. Because they have to prove themselves without the protection of days of further thinking, producing, mixing and mastering that came on top of those sketches. So be kind to them."

— Valentin Hansen

At Suol Studios in Berlin 2021
At Suol Studios in Berlin 2021

Edition will remain available until all NFTs have been collected

As all Season 02's NFTs are collected, the album will enter its next stage and be shown in its primal and raw state. From then on, it’ll be Crisis (The Raw Album) and be released on chain in its draft form.

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